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ETC10 – Evaluation of Eurocode 7

  • ETC 10 Evaluation of Eurocode 7, is one of the European Technical Committees of the ISSMGE
  • Together with several other ETCs,  ETC 10 was involved in organizing a number of workshops on Eurocode 7 and geotechnical design during the ECSMGE in Athens in 2011
  • A report by Trevor Orr summarizing these workshops was written for Volume 4 of the Conference Proceedings, pages 573-584: “Experiences with the implementation of Eurocode 7


Joint Workshop organised by TC205 and ETC10-Sunday 13 September

The European conference of ISSMGE to be held in Edinburgh, 13-17 September 2015, will include a workshop planned by TC205 (Safety and serviceability in geotechnical engineering) and ETC10 (Evaluation of Eurocode 7).  The workshop will be held on Sunday 13 September, running sequentially with a workshop of ETC7 (Numerical analysis), and it is planned to address two questions:

  • Ground anchors and foundations – do they need two different safety philosophies?
    • Piles are designed by calculation, largely, whereas anchor design (in EC7) relies only on testing.
    • Virtually no testing is carried out for spread foundations.
    • Are anchors and tension piles really so different?
  • Are factors of safety useful when designing for water pressures?
    • Do factors of safety really increase safety? How should they be applied?
    • Do they give ridiculous conservatism?
    • What is the alternative?

Each of these discussions will be opened by short presentations (not more than 5 minutes each) from several speakers, giving plenty of opportunity for comments and debate from the floor within the 45 minutes available for each topic.  Contributions should specifically address one of the questions given above; this is not an invitation to re-present a conference paper, though of course speakers may want to refer to a paper.

We would like to invite you to attend this workshop and contribute to the debate.

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